October 1, 2016

Welcome to The Gadgetorium

Hello, and welcome to The Gadgetorium!

This place is home to a Doomtown: Reloaded player from Russia, mplain, and his friend pvdel. Here we analyze new cards, research ways to abuse them, develop new decks that will (hopefully, maybe) break the meta, and delve deep into rules intricacies of our favourite game.

For now you can read reviews for two new factions, The 108 Righteous Bandits and Eagle Wardens, as well as the Timing Structure and the Collected Rulings that will hopefully help you understand complex rules interactions - and also serve as points of reference should you need to explain something to another player.

In the future we plan to publish deckbuilding and strategy articles. Every week we will also give a general update on what has happened in Gomorra, in case you weren't paying close attention over the week. Stay tuned, and may luck favor you in both lowball and shootouts! :)

April 1, 2016

[Review] Ghost Town, part 2

Hey there folks! Part 2 of the review of Ghost Town is here!

Took me some time to write, as I played in the the finals of the 2nd OCTGN League this week - those were some cool games! You can check them out on swider's Twitch channel or on my YouTube channel. I recommend switching off the sound and enjoying some good music while you're watching the vids. Anyway, on to the review!

March 29, 2016

[Review] Ghost Town, part 1

Hello there folks!

It's being some time since I did a review of new cards. I started several times, but it required so much dedication to make a full detailed review that I gave up every time at some point. So, this time I'm gonna be brief and to the point.

March 14, 2016

On the timing of 'save' effects

An open letter to the Rules Team of Doomtown: Reloaded concerning the issue of how Undertaker now works with 'save' effects. I originally posted this on the rules forum, but I decided to post it here as well after the recent ruling on Theo Whateley-Boyer + The Joker's Smile.

March 10, 2016

Morgan Flyin' Zombies

Since everyone over at dtdb.co is posting their versions of Prodigy's deck Morgans Flyin Zombies, I thought I'd post mine as well. I had huge success with it on OCTGN, up to a point where I'm starting to think gadgets are already *there*.

 Decklist on dtdb.co

February 17, 2016

[Report/Deck Tech] Winnig a tournament with Control Clowns


on 6th February I managed to win a 13-player tournament in Cracow, Poland. I'll share my thoughts on the deck I played and spice it up with a brief tournament report.

January 15, 2016

[Deck Tech] Next Level Slide


I've top2ed a 16-player tournament in Warsaw, Poland on 28. November with the below Landslide deck. The deck has been influenced by a version piloted by kollatt, you can find his deck here: http://dtdb.co/en/decklist/1552/op-kit-4-event-banditslide-1st-place