October 1, 2015

[Digest] News 01.10.15

The new pine box, The Light Shineth, will be released in just a few days! Spoilers are pouring in, flooding the streets!

Several new interesting rulings for your attention:

1) Bonus ghost rock provided by James Ghetty and Lillian Morgan cannot be used to invent Auto-Revolver or buy goods with Concealed Weapons. (Source)

2) Quichdraw Handgun can be used even when both players are cheatin'; it won't swap hands, but it will protect you from your opponent's cheatin' resolutions. Also, you can boot Circle M Ranch even if you have more than 3 cards in hand, just to prevent your opponent from using it. (Source)

3) Diable en Boite will not let you save a dude if you take excessive casualties - if a dude was assigned casualties, removing him from the shootout will not prevent their resolution. (Source)

The Sheriff season is now officially closed! The Fourth Ring took half the badges, Law Dogs and Sloane split the other half, Morgan got just a few, and the two new factions managed to steal a couple as well. You can find the full breakdown here.
gozik won the Moscow Sheriff badge with his Clowntrol, a true control deck that we consider to be the strongest and most consistent in the current meta.

Swider and mysticpickle are running an OCTGN league, and it's not too late to join!

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