October 19, 2015

[Dirty Deeds] Disgenuine Currency Press

Good day, ladies and gentlemen. You haven't seen us for awhile, maybe you've even forgotten our names. Let me remind you: I am Eustace True, and this is my colleague Harold Aimslee.

Some of you might think that we're too old for this new enterprise that is the Morgan Mining Company. That we don't deserve our wages, that there are younger, brighter minds with new brilliant inventions, and ours are a tring of the past. Ms. Morgan tells us that if we want to keep our jobs, we have to invent something that helps the company, that actually makes money. Well now, let us introduce our latest invention to you, one that will most certainly prove that you were wrong - the Disgenuine Currency Press!

Some said that gadgets are too slow, that they require investing time and money but do not guarantee any profit. Behold, this new device gives you an immediate return of +3 ghost rock (or a full +5 gr if you ask our colleague William Specks for help!), the scientist wastes no time building it and is immediately ready for action, and once the Press has served its purpose you can get rid of it - and get some extra resources for it too!

Oh, but how to get rid of it, you ask? You're probably already thinking of sending poor Travis Moone on a suicidal mission, or maybe doing some damage with Steven Wiles and then letting him go? There's nothing like Gadget Slingin' - yet! - that would let you scrap inventions for profit, right? Oh, but you have forgotten who you're looking at, ladies and gentlemen - I, Eustace True, can make good use of any gadget that you might want to scrap, while my colleague Harold Aimslee can get the Press printing again! We two can make you so much money so fast, you won't even need to use the Morgan Gadgetorium facilities any longer! Invent fast, invent aggressively, use the Press to fund an army of Quatermen armed with Holy Wheel Guns and equipped with Telepathy Helmets and Force Fields, and enjoy the full array of effective tactics like Sun In Yer Eyes, Coachwhip, and Faster on the Draw while doing so!

Our fellow scientist Drew Beauman got interested in this new invention of ours as well. He noticed that it's not as difficult to build as the famous Quaterman model for our, erm, less experienced colleagues from The Arsenal, yet it fits perfectly with their preferred aggressive strategy which often finds them lacking early funds to build all the powerful weaponry they need to assert the power of law. Now they will have all the funding they need, and while the new Sheriff is busy with his Crusade, the Arsenal is getting ready to make their move.

And remember the next time you see a card that doesn't seem all that efficient at the moment:
"It'll only get better as the card pool expands!" (c)


doom_of_the_people said...

Very cool run down of the card.

Wendigo said...

Ouch, that pull value is killing what momentum this card had going for it. A [Gain a net 3GR, Cycle] isn't bad by any means, but the lack of good options to ditch it combined with the fact that you'll have a 4 pull floating around in a gadget deck certainly is.