January 15, 2016

Raising Hell... aka we're back!


there's a reason to celebrate! After a period of hiatus, the blog is going live again. I've decided to join The Gadgetorium guys and share my articles on the blog. I started my own blog at http://bottomdealin.blogspot.com, but instead of sailing my own ship, The Gadgetorium will be the platform of choice and the content from my blog will be ported over here and all my future articles will appear here.

I'll be covering a variety of topics, including deck analysis, tournament reports and general strategy. I'll try to post something on a bi-weekly schedule, but don't want to make any promises.

Few words about myself:
My name is Tomek and I live in Warsaw, Poland. Although I haven't played original Deadlands: Doomtown CCG, I've been playing various CCG-style games for ~ 15 years. The games I've focused on were WarCry, Vampire: the Eternal Struggle and Magic: the Gathering. I have had some success at both national and international level and I'm fairly used to playing in a highly competitive environment.

Have a nice day, folks!

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